in·spire    [in-spahyuhr] – verb, -spired, -spir·ing. verb (used with object).
1. to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence
2. to produce or arouse (a feeling, thought, etc.): to inspire
3. to influence or impel

     Stay Inspired – Two words that culminate to create a statement that applies to all individuals during the endeavors that we call life. Although short, these words have allowed me to realize that the advancements of thought, creativity, joy, and wisdom are nothing without inspiration. Anything can inspire, one just needs Vision to find it!


Self Portrait

Surf Shot 1 of sequence


Surf Shot 2 of sequence


Hard at work


Kona Skate Park Slide
Be Inspired - Stay Inspired

     Clearly by now, one can see that I believe that inspiration is a monumental element within life. I strongly believe this as true, and have learned to absorb inspiration and fuel my creativity and passions with it. I feel that it helps my life in all aspects, whether it aids the vision in my art, the precious time spent with family, my drive to rip turns and throw water when surfing, or the need to shred concrete on my skateboard. Whatever the case — I am inspired.

“Inspiration and genius — one and the same.”
-Victor Hugo


     I was blessed with a special gift called Amniotic band Syndrome. For those that do not know about ABS or Adam Complex, it is a congenital disorder caused by entrapment of fetal parts (usually a limb or digits) in fibrous amniotic bands while in utero.
     In short – I was born with one mighty hand and the lack there of a second. I am missing my left arm from just below the elbow down, and have yet to find it during my ventures on this earth. However, I embrace my arm as a blessing and allow it to define me as a person — aka “Stubs”. Trust me when I say that it adds character!

“On any given day — One good hand is better than any two hands.”


     I rebound with the question, “Is life hard with two hands?” The answer for both questions is — Only as hard as you make it on yourself, but a good task and hard challenge is always refreshing for the soul. Now, If there is any doubt or curiosity about difficulty in accomplishing tasks with just one hand, I assure you that I have not been presented with a single obstacle, hurdle, or task that I could not solve, complete, or master with my abilities and keen vision for success! From this anomaly and mindset — I derived the identity of my branding — Single Handed Art.


     I grew up in the water as a surf rat in Atlantic Beach, Florida, and could typically be found shredding the concrete jungles of Jax Beach on my skateboard. However, when I was not outside shredding, I was typically drawing, sketching, coloring, and wrrapping my brain around electronics. I developed a passion for the arts and technology at a very young age.
      My calling presented itself to me in March 2009, when I decided to attend Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida. I graduated in April of 2011, as valedictorian and advanced achiever. Within my 2 years at school, I developed a keen sense of detail and a particular vision for design. I majored as a 3D Artist that specializes in modelling and design. Along my journey, I have built an arsenal of skills and techniques, and continue to grow as an artist and an individual.


   • Character / Environment / Prop & Object Modelling
   • High Resolution UV’d zBrush Models
   • Low Resolution UV’d models in various formats
   • Full Concepts – 2D & 3D
   • High & Low Resolution Detail Texture Maps
   • Composing of Beauty Renders, Posters, Promotion and Cover Art
   • Character & Prop Animation
   • Graphic Design / HUD & Interface Design
   • Website Design
   • Image Editing, Video Editing, & Motion Graphics

Single Handed Art Logo

• Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. •

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